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He hopped around like this for several minutes and had us all laughing so hard we were almost in tears. It actually turned out very nice. It was an open, two-seat sports car with a split, two-piece windshield. The cash loans plan was to add a trunk and one entry payday loans online if the car went into production.

Although it received some nice publicity we realized it was not going to be a practical or profitable venture, but it was an interesting project. As I recall, the one and only BMC Prototype was sold to payday loans online SCCA racer by the name of Pete Snell, who raced the car in local events. If the name sounds familiar it is because the Snell Memorial Foundation is the organization that established testing standards for crash helmets and continues to certify helmets to this day.

It took time, money, labor, and resources to design, create a buck, take a mold, create a body, store the body, and build a car. Racing The BMC Fiberglass Sports Car: The BMC Sports Car made one appearance, as far as we can tell, about a year after it was built. It was the only complete sports car he ever made. He tracked it from the chassis being built to the car being raced at Moffit Field in 1953.

Your donations help defray production costs. Click on the following link to make a donation via paypal. Both are working on a book called Forgotten Fiberglass.

Here's Another Shot Of The Singer At Pebble Beach, April 1953 - Just "Peeking" Around The Corner. Use of these materials must be authorized by ForgottenFiberglass. Photos used with permission from their original source. Spark Plug, Platinum, Each (18) Part Number: MOF-SP432 More Detail.

Spark Plug, Pulstar, Copper Core, Inconel Tip, 14mm Thread Size, 0. Reach, Tapered Seat, Each (2) Part Number: EPL-AD1H10 More Detail. Windshield Washer Pump, Reservoir, Universal, 12 V, Kit (9) Part Number: ANC-66-01 cash loans More Detail.

Scan Tool, Code Reader, 3100J CanOBD2 Diagnostic Tool, Each (2) Part Number: INO-3100J More Detail. Scan Tool, CanOBD2, Reads Codes and ABS, SRS OBD II Cable, Color LCD Readout, Software, PC Interface Cable, Each (6) Part Number: INO-31603 More Detail. Brake Pads, Performance, Ceramic, Set (15) Part Number: HWK-HB453Z-585 More Detail. Brake cash loans Pads, HP Plus, Front, Set (3) Part Number: HWK-HB453N-585 More Detail.

Hawk Performance (9) Fel-Pro (8) Innova (5) Motorcraft (5) EBC Brakes (4) Lloyd Mats (3) Autolite (3) ACDelco (2) StopTech (1) Pulstar (1) National Bearings and Seals (1) Timken (1) Loading, Please Wait. Engine Family FORD MODULAR V8 Engine Size 4. Pulstar AD1H10 - Pulstar Spark Plugs Compare Spark Plug, Pulstar, Copper Core, Inconel Tip, 14mm Thread Size, 0. Anco Wiper Blades 66-01 - ANCO Windshield Washer Pumps Compare Windshield Washer Pump, Reservoir, Universal, 12 V, cash loans Kit (9) Part Number: ANC-66-01 More Detail.

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